Revolution Brewery Beer Review

Revolution Brewery Beer Review

Chicago’s very own Revolution Brewery is located just north of Logan Square and the Kennedy Expressway. Revolution is a smaller brewery that is just a few years old, since starting their production in Spring of 2010. They have three year round beers and a plethora of seasonals, each with their own unique taste and character.

Revolution Brewery Year Round Beers
Long live the Revolution (Brewery)!

Anti-Hero IPA

Anti-Hero IPA is the first of the year round Revolution brews and has quickly become a local Chicago favorite. As the name implies Anti-Hero is an India Pale Ale, which means it has a distinct hoppy smell that contributes tremendously to it’s bitter flavor. That flavor is derived from the four different hops that are used to produce an earthy floral taste to the tune of a palatable 70 IBUs (also know as the International Bittering Units scale). Anti-Hero is served on draft or in a can and it’s one of those rare beers, whose flavor isn’t tarnished going from pint glass draft to 12 oz aluminum can.

Eugene Porter

Another one of the yearly beers from Revolution is Eugene Porter, which as the name suggests is a porter. This porter has a distinct chocolate taste with some hints of caramel. While that might sound like a delicious candy treat, it is most certainly a full bodied dark beer. This is one of those brews that could easily substitute as a meal in itself, and can be paired with a soft block cheese or a few handfuls of salty nuts (cashews preferably).  Eugene Porter is a slightly stronger beer at 6.8% ABV, but you wouldn’t even notice it and that’s the preference for this cold weather brew.

Bottom Up Wit

The Revolution Bottom Up Wit is an easy to drink Belgian style wheat beer. It’s easier to drink than a typical Wit because the yeast strain that is used doesn’t over power the flavor. The Canadian malts along with the coriander and orange peel make a big contribution in rounding out the entire taste behind this brew. This is a good beverage for those looking to try a  Belgian-style Wit without jumping into the deep end of the yeasty wheat taste.

If you’re looking for a Revolution brew at your local watering hole, you can easily identify their signature tap handle by the colored fists: green for Anti-Hero, brown for Eugene Porter, and yellow for Bottom Up Wit. Their beers are are also widely available in cans in most Chicagoland bars and liquor stores.

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