Top 10 Songs of August

Top 10 Songs of August

Just a Guy’s monthly music article includes the top songs of August 2014. The restrictions are simple, the album or the song must have been released during the month in review. So as to encourage musical diversification, we only select one song per album per artist. With all the stipulations out of the way, let’s take a look at the best songs from August.

Godsmack – 1000hp

Godsmack’s latest album and featured single is 1000hp , which stands for one thousand horsepower. This is a reference to the power style they produce in their heavier music. The song itself is about how the band grew from nothing nearly 20 years ago to become a household name and national success. If the song title wasn’t an indicator this song rocks.

The Gaslight Anthem – Stay Vicious

Gaslight Anthem returns with a brand new album, Get Hurt, and “Stay Vicious” is the lead track off the album. A heavier track than Gaslight fans may be used to, “Stay Vicious” reminds more of an alternative rock track, than the classic rock feelings of the the groups previous efforts. The album as a whole is different than the band’s other releases, but the group shows no signs of slowing down.

maroon 5 adam levineMaroon 5 – Animals

Maroon 5’s fifth album is ever so originally named V for the Roman numeral five. This track fits their mold with a catchy chorus and very night out type of track. With words like, “Baby, I’m preying on you tonight” the notions to sexual promiscuity are not subtle and that seems to be point of the song. The track is for those looking for a sensual pop sound.

Jason Feathers – Courtyard Marriot

The combination of Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and Minnesota rapper Astronautalis work together to form Jason Feathers. It’s a unique setup. “Courtyard Marriot” sounds like it could have been created for a Tarantino movie. Vernon seems to have found a new creative outlet in the hip hop world. While the Jason Feathers project could use a little more seasoning, if it continues, it will only get better.

Spoon – Do You

Notable alt-rockers Spoon released a nice new album, They Want My Soul, and “Do You” is a snappy, upbeat song, with nice acoustic guitar work, and would fit in well with the rest of the band’s music. Spoon had a pretty prominent spot at this Summer’s Lollapalooza, no doubt on the strength of some of these songs.

Wiz Khalifa – We Dem Boyz

The single “We Dem Boyz” has been out for a few months now, but the album Blacc Hollywood wasn’t released until mid August. There’s a certain energy to the album’s first single and is heavy on the instrumental side favoring the drums. This isn’t the print pressing version of Wiz, as we’ve come to know him, but it’s not much of a departure from his pop oriented style.

Gerard Way – No Shows

Former frontman of now defunct, My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way is starting out on his own as a solo artist. The result is “No Shows” off of his debut album, Hesitant Alien. “No Shows” flashes back to the 90’s when Brit-pop ruled the airwaves. It’s a solid pop track that doesn’t seem out of place, even on today’s radio. While fans may be missing his previous band, Way’s new direction is one to be celebrated.

The Weeknd – King of the Fall

The Weeknd’s style is that of a harmonious and erotic sound that translates well into a more uptempo type of track in “King of the Fall”. Besides being the name of the single King of the Fall is the name of his newest album and the name of his latest tour. It’s safe to say the marketing relies heavily on this song and it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to baby making music.

frnkiero andthe cellebration – Tragician

Following Gerard Way, another former MCR member, Frank Iero, released his own solo debut. Where Way applies a pop sheen to his new songs, Iero stays with the punk rock leanings. “Tragician” is fast, loud and typically punk rock. Iero isn’t reinventing the wheel, but it still sounds killer. Like Way, Iero’s new songs prove that he’ll be just fine without his previous band.

Lil’ Wayne – Grindin’

“Grindin'” is the first single off of Lil’ Wayne’s upcoming album Tha Carter V. The track features Drake and has been quite the hit at their rap battle-esque concerts. It’s not as pop oriented as some Wayne singles but it’s easy to like and fans will assuredly enjoy it.

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