Straight Outta Compton movie review

O'shea Ice Cube Jackson

F. Gary Gray’s biopic tells the story of legendary rap group NWA, with a script by Jonathan Herman and Andrea Berloff. Biopics are a difficult beast. It is very hard to condense a person’s entire life and/or career into a two hour film. Here, you are dealing with several people’s stories, as NWA featured five members, two of which went on to massive stardom. That being said, the film does a great job of highlighting key moments of the group’s legacy, and the times of their respective era itself (Late 80’s early 90’s LA). Continue reading “Straight Outta Compton movie review” »

Danny Collins Movie Review

Bobby Cannavale

Al Pacino is one of the greatest actors to ever grace the screen. Pacino, in his twilight years, has done mainly made for television projects recently. Here and there, he’ll pop up in a feature film. He takes on the title role of Danny Collins in this picture. It is the story of a washed up musician who tries to change his life, as he seeks redemption in his elder years.

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Jurassic World Review


Collin Trevorrow’s “Jurassic World” is now the third highest grossing movie of all time. It shattered countless records on its opening weekend. Because of this, I was eager to see what the hype was all about. While it is indeed an entertaining picture, its massive success says more about the industry today than the film itself. Blockbusters are in more demand than ever, franchises at every corner you turn. The latest entry in the Jurassic series continues to cement that notion. Continue reading “Jurassic World Review” »

Mad Max: Fury Road Review

Original Mad Max

George Miller returns to the post apocalyptic wasteland he created in the late 1970’s. Miller broke ground with “Mad Max,” the dystopian action film from 1979. It starred a then unknown Mel Gibson, and kicked off what would end up as a trilogy. The series launched Gibson to superstardom, and cemented Miller as a revolutionary filmmaker with his use of carefully and pragmatically coordinated stunts and sequences.

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Ant-Man Review

ant insect

Marvel’s Ant-Man is one of the universes’s lesser known characters. Only true comic lovers will recognize this character. That fact made this film hard to market. However, the MCU is so large and connected, people will see it regardless. The film opened north of 60 million dollars, good for the second lowest of all Marvel movie entries. Think about that for a second. Most filmmakers can only dream of that kind of opening. In Marvel’s world, that is almost a dead last finish. Financially, of course, it is still a success for them in any ways. Continue reading “Ant-Man Review” »

New Music Review: A$AP Returns, Boosie Tries to Breakthrough

A$AP Rocky Concert Photo

A$AP Rocky. Photo courtesy of Chad Cooper.

A slower week in new releases did see a boost thanks to A$AP Rocky surprise releasing his album. Also, a new release from Southern superstar Boosie and everyone’s favorite punk band from high school, Anti-Flag. Continue reading “New Music Review: A$AP Returns, Boosie Tries to Breakthrough” »

Adrian Peterson Landing Spot in 2015

Adrian Peterson

Editors Note: With the NFL draft quickly approaching, fantasy football isn’t far off. In this post, Just A Guy gives you a look at Adrian Peterson’s offseasion with insight from the fantasy experts at FanDuel. 

Last season, Adrian Peterson was able to play in one game for the Minnesota Vikings before his world was turned upside down. After being indicted for child abuse, Peterson was held out of the rest of the 2014 season. One of the top overall running backs in the game began to wonder if his mistake was going to cost him the rest of his NFL career. He is not reinstated yet, but he is closing in on a new deal that will allow him to become an eligible player. Continue reading “Adrian Peterson Landing Spot in 2015” »

Furious 7 Movie Review

fast and furious cast

It’s hard to believe that a 2001 street racing drama would evolve into Universal’s most successful franchise. That is exactly what “The Fast and the Furious” has become. This latest installment, “Furious 7,” will be remembered for one main caveat: star Paul Walker’s final film. Walker was tragically killed in a November 2013 motor accident, eerily similar to the series’ dealings.

Production was halted immediately, and after a few months, it was decided that the film would be finished, and dedicated to Walker’s memory. He is actually in the entire film for the most part. It is the final sequence that was reconfigured upon his death, using stand ins, voiceovers, and CGI (his brothers assisted). His sendoff is certainly the film’s strongest point. Now, on to the review as a whole. Continue reading “Furious 7 Movie Review” »

Heat: 20 years later

Al Pacino in 1996

Heat: The greatest film ever made not named The Godfather.

This year will mark the 20th anniversary of Michael Mann’s Heat; an epic crime saga set against the backdrop of Los Angeles. December 15th will be the exact date of 20 years, but I’ll start early. The year was 1995, and on the verge of release, Heat’s biggest marketing tool was the heavily anticipated pairing of screen legends Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro. Continue reading “Heat: 20 years later” »

Just A Guy Favorite Albums of 2014: Part 2

JUSTAGUY squaredAs I did last year, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite albums from 2014. I’m fortunate to be able to listen to a lot of music and after putting it off for a few weeks, I’ve finally narrowed this list to ten or so albums that have really stuck with me. As always, it isn’t a set ranking of any kind, just a group of solid albums to check out. Continue reading “Just A Guy Favorite Albums of 2014: Part 2” »