Top 10 Songs of June 2013

The first iteration of the Just a Guy’s top 10 songs for the month, this edition includes the hottest jams of June 2013. The restrictions are simple, the album (not the song) must have been released during the month in review and to encourage a wider variety, we only select one song per album. This month Steve and Ryan take you through the tracks that they’ve been listening to.

Kanye West – Black SkinheadKanye West

It’s hard to pick one song off of Yeezus because it’s really an album that needs to be listened to in one sitting. That being said, Black Skinhead is a track that stands out immediately. The Daft Punk produced song has a hard driving beat that has drawn comparisons to Marilyn Manson and Gary Glitter, which is quite the unique combination. Along with the rest of the album, it needs to be played at insanely loud levels to really gain the intensity that Kanye is driving for.

Andrew Stockdale – Long Way To Go

Stockdale was the lead singer of the band Wolfmother, and the only consistent member. He’s dropped the Wolfmother name and released a solo album titled Keep Moving. “Long Way To Go” is the first song off of the album, and is a classic Stockdale/Wolfmother offering. Fuzzy power chords composing a rock song, with a hint of keyboards and organ sounds working their way in. If anything, Stockdale’s solo album shows how much he was the creative force in Wolfmother. His formula has stayed the same over the years, but if it isn’t broke (and it isn’t) then don’t worry about fixing it. “Long Way To Go” is a simple rock song that sets up the rest of Keep Moving while introducing us to Andrew Stockdale all over again.

J. Cole – Power Trip

J. Cole’s hit single from Born Sinner has been out for a while (released in February) and has proven it’s extreme replayability. The song starts out smooth and melodic with J. Cole’s chorus. It picks up some as he goes through his verses and Miguel, who’s featured on the track, slows it back down with the bridge. The theme is immediately apparent with the repetitious phrase “she got me up all night”, that drives the chorus. A song of obsession about the girl of his dreams, who’s with another man. “Power Trip” is a continuation of his song “Dreams” in which, you guessed it, he obsesses over a girl that isn’t his. Easy to listen to and with high relatability, it’s no wonder this song is a hit.

Mac Miller – Watching Movies

Love him or hate him Malcolm “Mac Miller” McCormick is here to stay and he proves that with his second major album Watching Movies with the Sound Off. Unbeknownst to many, Mac actually produces many of his own songs including “Watching Movies” under the alias Larry Fisherman. Never one to be humble, Mac’s lyrics have become even more arrogant and understandably so. The song speaks to the path he’s taken to get to where he is now and this is best seen in the lyrics, “Started out under the ground they didn’t f*** with me, now they all coming around”. “Watching Movies” is still a distinctly Mac Miller track and for his ever growing cult of fans, that’s a good thing.

Black Sabbath – End of the Beginning

The Ozzy Osbourne led Black Sabbath is back with their original bassist, Geezer Butler, and their original guitarist, Tony Iommi. That only leaves out original Sabbath drummer Bill Ward for their newest album, 13. The second single, ‘End of the Beginning” is assuredly as Black Sabbath as it comes with over eight minutes of heavy rocking and strong vocals. A definitively quality track whose lyrics might best foreshadow what’s to come for Sabbath, “Is this the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end?” Either way the return of a mostly original Black Sabbath is exciting news for most music enthusiasts.

Vampire Weekend – Step

Vampire Weekend has weird songs. Weird melodies, weird rhythms and weird sounds. “Step” is no different. More Baroque than radio rock, “Step” includes a harpsichord melody that makes it easily distinguishable from the rest of the songs on the album Modern Vampires of the City. It’s hipster as hell, but it’s good.

3OH3! – Do or Die

3OH3!’s most recent album release, Omens, went under the radar for the most part. What you see is what you get, as they maintain the same electric pop rap style with ever entertaining lyrics that they are best known for. “Do or Die” seems to be the best embodiment of those in your face characteristics. “Throw your phone away and let the night decide” are the main lyrics driving the chorus and is exactly what you’d expect from 3OH3!, the guys who refuse to let the night end. Overall, this is another fun party song that encourages drinking, singing and dancing.

August Burns Red – Fault Line

August Burns Red is a heavy band. Having just released their album Rescue & Restore the band has clearly committed to keeping the metalcore scene alive. “Fault Line” is a driving song that never lets up. There’s some intricate guitar work to be found in between the steady chug of metal power chords and rapid drums. The mix of clean and dirty vocals make it accessible to fans of both metal and hardcore music alike.

Wale – Simple Man

Wale continues to grow and mature as an artist and this is no different with his latest album, The Gifted. “Simple Man” has an old school feel to it with a serious ominous beat that kicks in about thirty seconds in. The chorus is reminiscent of Tupac in the words, “ Forgive me, I’m just a rider”. The song echoes back a familiar tune from the past and its heard loud and clear.

Jimmy Eat World – I Will Steal You Back

Jimmy Eat World is on their eighth album and are still making catchy pop rock that is accessible for anyone. “I Will Steal You Back” features an infectious hook that all but assures that this song will turn into a sing-a-long the instant it comes on. As always, Jimmy Eat World proves again that they understand what rock radio wants.

Honorable Mentions
Skillet – Not Gonna Die
Lonely Island – Semicolon
Barenaked Ladies – Boomerang

Check back next month for July’s top 10 tracks! Did your favorite artist, album, or song not make it? Let us know in the comments below. Got a song that you think deserves to make in next month’s list? Hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.


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2 Comments on “Top 10 Songs of June 2013

  1. if this August Burns red song doesn’t make you want to jump around and punch something I don’t know what will. And this lyrical video is super random, but I’m digging it. Jimmy eat world’s songs are all sounding the same these days, but I can’t complain. Why mess with success I guess? That Andrew Stockdale song is a real crunchy tune. I always liked Wolfmother, that guys got some pipes.

  2. Agree with you Carl, August Burns Red put out a real heavy album. I’ve never been huge on Jimmy Eat World, but you’re right, no need to fix anything that isn’t broken. Stockdale always was the talent in Wolfmother, seeing that he switched the lineup multiple times. Good to see he’s still making music.

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