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10 Factory Engine Swaps – A Car Buyers Dream

Scion tc-s

There’s a number of great cars out there nowadays, but so many just seem to fall short. There are more cars (and even some manufacturers) who no longer have a high performance version or never even did. That’s just downright

The 10 Best Cars from the Chicago Auto Show

North America’s largest automotive show brought over 1,000 vehicles to Chicago’s McCormick Place February 8-17.  Often overshadowed by Geneva and Detroit due to it’s lack of world premieres (there were only two this year, one of which was an all-electric

Why I Am Gleefully Terrified of Google

This week was the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and Google has found another way to get involved in our lives. Yesterday, it was announced that they have formed the Open Automotive Alliance to help bring the Android Operating system

Top 10 Most Anticipated Cars of 2013

The most hotly anticipated cars of 2013 might have you salivating and saving your hard earned greenbacks for what’s to come. The underlying theme for the vehicles on this list is the sportiness and you might notice a trend in