Top 10 Songs of December

Top 10 Songs of December

Just a Guy’s monthly music article includes the hottest songs of December 2013. The restrictions are simple, the album or the song must have been released during the month in review and to encourage diversification, we only select one song per album per artist. With all the rules out of the way, let’s get started with the best songs from December!

Boston live

Boston – Heaven on Earth

It’s taken Boston 10 years to put out their six studio album, Life, Love & Hope. This album and this song aren’t your typical Boston tracks, it has a much different feel. “Heaven on Earth” is the opening track and has the most familiar Boston sound of any song on the entire album. An easy to like song that is definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of classic rock.

Childish Gambino – 3005

because the internet is a pretty drastic change in direction for Childish Gambino and that’s not a bad thing. There’s a ton of great tracks on this album but “3005” especially stands out. This could probably be a break out radio hit (if Gambino got radio play) because it really has a great hook. “3005” might be the most accessible track on because the internet but the whole album deserves a listen.

Fuel – Yeah!

“Yeah!” was the first song released for Fuel’s upcoming album Puppet Strings. Puppet Strings will mark Fuel’s first album with original lead singer Brett Scallions. “Yeah!” is a more uptempo song than fans of their first single “Hemorrhage (In My Hands)” would be use to, but it works well for the Band’s latest lineup. The vocals are distinctly old Fuel and that can only help a band who has lived in relative obscurity for nearly a decade.

Black Flag – Down in the Dirt

Black Flag is a mess, go read their Wikipedia page if you’re not familiar with them. This current incarnation of the band released a new album to rather mixed reviews. “Down in the Dirt” seems like it was made by a punk band recording their first album than a group that’s been around for nearly 40 years. It’s disappointing for fans of the group, but punk rock leaning ears may find value in it.

B.o.B. – Ready

It seems like B.o.B.’s album should’ve come out nearly a year ago when the hit single, “We Still In This B****” was released. Fans patiently waited and the album finally dropped after a few singles were released including “Headband” featuring 2 Chainz and “Ready”, which features Future. “Ready” as the title implies is all about preparing and quite literally they “just get ready”. However simplistic the lyrics and their meaning, the song is quite catchy.

Evergreen Terrace – Dead Horses

“Dead Horses” is from the album of the same name and is Evergreen Terrace’s sixth full feature studio album. The track has a comforting ballad beginning and eases into the heavy metal bits that are a signature of Evergreen Terrace. Even non-metal heads will find themselves hooked on this is gem of a song. Fun fact: the band’s name derives itself from the street the iconic Simpsons live on.

Nothing But Thieves – Graveyard Whistling

Nothing But Thieves is a new band from England that is starting to get some publicity. “Graveyard Whistling” is a slower, quieter track that could be mistaken for a OneRepublic song. The rest of the EP is similar in sound, providing a little edge to pop rock, so if that’s your sound, Nothing But Thieves won’t disappoint.

Transit – Young New England (F&S)

Transit released a new EP in December titled Futures and Sutures which is basically alternate versions of their various songs. “Young New England” was the title track of the band’s most recent release and the EP version is a different take on the song. While I think the original album version is better, I love when bands re-imagine their songs. Transit fans will be happy to hear these alternate takes.

E-40 – Episode

E-40 released three albums in December…let me repeat that E-40 released three (!!!) studio albums in one month. Now if you’re Buckethead this isn’t a big deal, but for anyone else this is quite the feat. The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil 4, 5, and 6 are the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth studio albums from E-40. “Episode” comes from the Welcome to the Soil 4 and is the first single. For those who know E-40 will immediately recognize his familiar voice, while Chris Brown sings the hook, and T.I. rounds out the features with a verse. In a slow month of new music releases, this might be worth giving a listen.

Karmin – Acapella

“Swag pop” is how Karmin defines their music, so I guess “Acapella” fits into that category. If you like dumb pop music, Karmin is probably up your alley. “Acapella” sounds like a very watered down Nicki Minaj track. While this probably isn’t Just A Guy’s type of music, it should find a home on the pop charts for high school kids to enjoy.


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