Beer Belly: How To Keep It Off

The Beer Belly is the stuff of legends. Some men pride themselves on their protruding gut, while others disdain it completely. So, how does one get a “beer belly”? And even better, how does one get rid of it? As it turns out a beer belly doesn’t come directly from beer alone. While beer can contribute to a large caloric intake, as can any highly consumed beverage not called water, it tends to be the calories ingested in addition to the beer that packs on the pounds.

Food Contributes to the Beer Belly

Not only do beer drinkers tend to eat in conjunction with their beverage intake, the food is usually something poor in nutrition and high in calories. So both an excess of liquid calories combined with fatty food helps to contribute to the round mound below. Another key factor that while your liver is working to process the alcohol, it can’t metabolize the bar food at the same time in a reasonable manner.

Add on the fact, that your metabolism slows down measurably once you hit your mid 30s and you’re on the fast track to pounds town. With this combination of factors, it’s no wonder people obtain the glorious gut of gluttony (say that 5 times fast). Now that you know how it happens, you can stop it from happening. Planning out your meals, a good rule of thumb in general, before going out is one of the best ways to counteract scarfing down food after a few drinks. Remember to include your drink calories as part of your daily intake and try not to exceed your limits, calorie or otherwise.

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