Half Acre Daisy Cutter Review

half acre daisy cutter pale aleMyths are interesting if only because they are largely built on misconceptions that are perpetuated from one person to another and generally have no basis in reality. One such myth is that no good beer comes from a can. I can see why people think this way. Cans are cheap and flimsy while bottles are sturdy and make great weapons if you ever get into a brawl. Bar fighting aside, beer from a can doesn’t always have to suck. Enter exhibit A: Daisy Cutter from Chicago’s very own hometown heros at Half Acre Brewing. This is a great way to support local artisanal brewers while also enjoying an incredibly crisp and hoppy Pale Ale. You can pick these up from your local Binny’s beverage depot in Illinois in tallboy 4 packs. If you love the earth you might want to note: Cans recycle well but the plastic rings on these things can be harmful for waterfowl. Cut them before you pitch them. While this brew won’t knock you on your ass like an actual daisy cutter, it will keep you happy well into the evening.

Half Acre Brewing is nestled in Chicago’s North Side and the guys up there have been brewing since 2006. Daisy Cutter is one of their best offerings in my opinion and I think it really defines what a “Chicago Style” APA can be. Always pushing the limits and exploring the craft of brewing, the brewmasters at Half Acre make Chicago a little bit more interesting. My serving was from a 16oz Tallboy into a Tulip Pint. Cheers.

Appearance: Hazy Burnt Orange. Frothy 1 finger head that collapses into strong lacing.

Aroma: Grapefruit and strong floral hops. Citrus, smells like what I think Florida would smell like. Pine tar.

Taste: Hop truck that was driven through my front room window. This beer is an APA but really should be considered an IPA. Not as balanced as many say it is but there is a sweet malt hiding in the grass, in a good way. It is crisp and refreshing. Hops start off earthy almost like a bag of lawn clippings and fade into a more piney bitterness that sticks around for a while.

Body: Medium body with lots of tiny bubbles. Smooth smooth smooth.

Overall this beer is great for warmer months. A little light for the current temperatures, although that’s not the beer’s fault. This is a great pale ale, hop forward but balanced. If you like pale ales and love the city of Chicago; take a break, grab a 4 pack and check this bad boy out. If you enjoy this beer you will love all the different offerings that Half Acre has. Stay tuned for my next Half Acre adventure: Firkin Fridays. I’ll be heading to Half Acre’s taproom to check out their 10 gallon Firkin of fun.

Rating: 4 stars

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