Sex on the Ceiling: A drink that isn’t just for Astronauts

Sex on the Ceiling: A drink that isn’t just for Astronauts

Sex on the Ceiling, not to be confused with sex on the floor or even sex on the beach, is a mixed drink and not necessarily something you can do in an anti-gravity room. It’s an adult beverage that can pack a punch big enough for the burliest man, but is sweet enough for even the daintiest of ladies. This is because Sex on the Ceiling combines three different liquors with a tidbit of pineapple juice.

sex on the ceilingI stumbled upon this drink whilst browsing the counter-tops at a favorite local establishment for a good option to mix with whiskey, Bourbon to be more exact. The caveat to my search was that I wanted something that didn’t contain pop (or soda for you weirdos). This venture into the unknown turned into a tasty beverage that I’m actually quite likely to order in the future.

The drink consists of Jim Beam (or other bourbon of choice), Peach Schnapps, your favorite brand of vodka, and pineapple juice. As a fan of bourbon, pineapple juice, and peach this was a no-brainer. Even with those tasty ingredients I couldn’t help but be skeptical how it would all taste when combined, just as any reasonably intelligent human being would be. Much to my delight, my first sip eradicated any of my skepticism.

How to Make Sex On The Ceiling:

4 parts pineapple juice

2 parts Jim Beam

2 parts Peach Schnapps

1 part Vodka

Mix together in a shaker with ice and serve


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