Hump Day Hangout

Hump Day Hangout

Wing Wednesday

Everyone needs a way to de-stress and break up the monotony of the week. And what better day to do that then the absolute middle of the work week, Wednesday? One of the absolute best ways to disrupt your stressful schedule is by going out with a few friends and grabbing a cold one (or four). It gives you something to look forward to during the workweek and humpday is a great choice because you’re typically more than halfway through the week. A good way to approach this is by finding a local spot or hangout, so it’s easy for you and others to get to, that has at least a couple attractions. These attractions might be food or drink specials, it could be the number of TV’s or music that is played, and it can even be the theme, appearance, or layout of that particular establishment. There are a number of great motives to go out during the week and listed below are just three of the best reasons why you should inject a little fun into your weekly agenda.

1) De-stressor

Stress can build up significantly during work and that’s not all necessarily from work, it can build up from anyt
hing happening in your life. Going out to enjoy food and have a drink (even if it’s iced tea) with friends is a great way to get out of your weekly routine. It’s unhealthy to constantly stress about things and this is provides a good way to put them out of your mind for a time being.

Buffalo Wings2) Bonding

Getting into conversations with people you enjoy spending time with is a wonderful way to grow closer with your friends or acquaintances. You also probably won’t have the same amount of pressure that you might have on the weekends from other people and their judgmental eyes. This provides for a more relaxed atmosphere, where conversation and quality time can be spent with people you enjoy being around.

3) Fun

Unless you’re a hermit, going out with some good friends or family for an adult beverage is always a good time. If you’re a hometown fan (or even if you’re not) you can have quite the time cheering for (or against) your local sports team. This can provide for an entertaining experience, because you’ll be surrounded by other fans. And if you get into a regular habit, your local watering hole will become just like Cheers (or in the case of us Chicago suburbanites we have Wing Wednesday at J.D. Muggs).

Now of course this obviously doesn’t have to be on Wednesday or the middle of the week. It could be a Monday for some football in the fall or Thursday for some baseball in the spring. All it is meant to be is an opportunity to get out, and have fun during the week. Even if you thrive in a stressful environment, it can be good to break out of that cyclical lifestyle you have to go out during the week with friends. If nothing else it will allow for a chance to do something out of the ordinary. You never know what could be gained from an experience without actually trying it. So next Wednesday get out of the house and get into a local watering hole with a friend (or four), you won’t regret it!

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